Eileen Mayo Australia

Eileen Mayo, ca. 1954 (lot 391)

Our April 28 sale in San Francisco features a small group of stunning Australian travel posters from the 1930s through the 1950s.

James Northfield Great Barrier Reef

James Northfield, ca. 1935 (lot 394)

Let’s be honest: with its beautiful beaches, the huge barrier reef, exotic wildlife, and the awe-inspiring Outback, the land down under is one of the most desirable tourist destination for any traveler: cuddle up to a koala, watch the kangaroos, surf at the local beaches or simply enjoy the scenery: Australia has it all.

Gert Sellheim, Australia, 1957

Gert Sellheim, 1957 (lot 397)

All of these original posters will be offered for sale at our auction on April 28. For more information, visit www.posterconnection.com.

James Northfield, Australia, ca. 1935

James Northfield, ca. 1935 (lot 395)

Check out these vintage poster gems and enjoy the charms ofAustralia’s local destinations in these inspiring artworks by designers such as Eileen Mayo, James Northfield, Gert Sellheim or Percy Trompf.

Anonymous, Australia, ca. 1955

Anonymous, ca. 1955

Here is a link to a fun, online web exhibit of Australian posters by the National Library of Australia: Follow The Sun. Two of the above posters are featured in the online exhibit and you can also find short biographies of the above artists. Enjoy!

John Charles Goodchild, Mount Gambier, ca. 1935

J.C. Goodchild, ca. 1935 (lot 393)

Anonymous, Qantas, ca. 1955

Anonymous, ca. 1955 (lot 398)