The 2012 Olympics Games have begun and we are all feverishly following our favorite athletes and competitions on television or on the Internet – or perhaps in person in London, if you are so lucky. In a way, the world’s greatest sporting event is also the world’s greatest visual experience. Today’s Games begin with a visual celebration, its Opening Ceremony. (Who will ever forget the dazzling perfection on display in Beijing in 2008?) We follow the athlete’s two-week strive for Olympic immortality through the global media outlets. Then there is the powerful imagery and symbolism of the Games, incl. the Olympic Rings or the Torch Relay. Finally, there is the graphic imagery that can be found everywhere (from the ticket stubs, street banners, cultural and event programs to the uniforms, the villages and the massive decorations) that tries to capture the spirit, diversity and traditions of the host as well as the participating countries and that over the years has evolved into a very high standard of design excellence. Below are a few posters that we like. Enjoy.

Paris 1924
The poster for the 8th Olympic Games was designed by Orsi.

Olympic Games 1924

St. Moritz 1928 (Winter Olympics)
Design by Hugo Laubi

Olympic Winter Games 1928

Berlin 1936 (Olympic Exhibition Poster)
Kroll designed this poster for a 1935 Olympic exhibition anticipating the Games. 

Olympic Exhibition 1935

London 1948
Design by Walter Herz

Olympic Games 1948

Helsinki 1952
Ilmari Sysimetsä designed this poster for the 1940 Olympics but the Games were canceled because of the war. The design was reused in 1952.

Olympic Games 1952

Squaw Valley 1960 (Winter Games)

Olympic Winter Games 1960

Tokyo 1964
Yusaku Kamekura designed several posters for the 1964 Olympics.
Olympic Games 1964

Grenoble 1968 (Winter Games)
Design by Jean Brian

Olympic Winter Games 1968

Mexico  1968

Olympic Games 1968Munich 1972
Design by Otl Aicher

Olympic Games 1972