Our Spring 2013 poster auction (April 27) features a nice group of modern California travel posters from the 1920s through the 1960s.  Here are a few gems as we cross the state from north to south. Enjoy.

Santa Fe - California by Oscar Bryn, ca. 1946

This gorgeous Santa Fe California rail travel poster was created by Oscar Bryn around 1946.

TWA - Los Angeles, David Klein, ca. 1958/1960

A beautiful TWA poster for Los Angeles, created by the prolific designer David Klein around 1958/1960.

Visit Universal Studios Hollywood, Dong Kingman, 1965

An uncommon poster from the Universal Studios Hollywood by San Francisco painter Dong Kingman from 1965.

Death Valley, Anonymous, ca. 1960/1965

A scene from the Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley from approx. 1960/1965. The fashion may have changed but the resort is still the same.

Southern Pacific - Yosemite, Maurice Logan, 1926

A stunning rendition of Yosemite’s Half Dome in this rare Southern Pacific poster by Maurice Logan from 1926.

TWA - San Francisco, Anonymous, ca. 1954

This TWA poster is arguably one of the most attractive San Francisco travel images from the 1950s.

United Air Lines - San Francisco, Stan Galli, ca. 1960

Cable cars were part of almost every 1950s/1960s San Francisco tourist poster. This item was created by Stan Galli for United Air Lines.

San Francisco World's Fair, Kees van der Laan, 1940

This is a rare poster from the 1939/1940 Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco (San Francisco World’s Fair). The poster was designed by Kees van der Laan.

Golden Gate International Exposition, Sampson, 1940

Another poster from the 1940s Golden Gate Expo. The yellow sticker was added during the last days of the exhibition.

Sausalito, William F. Dohrmann, 1968

This Sausalito poster by William F. Dohrmann resembles the style of the Italian and French coastal travel posters from the 1920s and 30s but it was created in 1968.

The United States as viewed by California, Ernest Dudley Chase, 1940

Here is an unusual map poster titled “The United States as viewed by California,” created by Ernest Dudley Chase in 1940.

All images shown here are part of a small collection of original California travel posters that will be offered for sale at our poster auction on April 27, 2013 (lots 369 through 406). For more information, please visit posterconnection.com or view the catalog online via artfact.com.