Summer has arrived and we wanted to take a few moments to show off some of our favorite summer poster images. Whether you head to the beach, hike through the mountains, sail the great seas or just relax at home, there is a poster for everyone. Enjoy and let us know your favorite summer poster.

Spending any of the four seasons in Switzerland can be fabulous. Emil Cardinaux’s Swiss landscape images always convey an intimacy with nature and make the mountain hike oh so appealing in his stylish 1921 poster titled “Summer in Switzerland” – one of our favorite Swiss travel posters.

Emil Cardinaux "L'Ete en Suisse"

Rare 1921 Swiss travel poster designed by Emil Cardinaux

There is an abundance of fun to be had at the Lugano-Lido. Who says Switzerland does not have any beaches? Enjoy the finest Swiss sandy beach on the shores of Lake Lugano in beautiful Ticino. Summer just does not get any better.

Poster for Lugano-Lido from approx. 1928

Poster for Lugano-Lido from approx. 1928, artist anonymous

Lugano by Gino Boccasile, ca. 1950

Poster by Gino Boccasile from approx. 1950

Or does it? Maybe a cruise on the other side of the world can take you directly to paradise? Who would not want to join this group of travelers for a sunset picnic at a remote beach on a Caribbean island? Grace Line’s South America Cruises used to take you there during the 1950s and 60s.

Grace Line - South America Cruises

1950s poster for Grace Line’s vacation cruises to the Caribbean

Grace Line - Curacao

The island of Curacao in the southern Caribbean Sea off the Venezuelan coast is another travel destination for the Grace Line fleet.

Or perhaps you prefer to experience the polar midnight sun on a northern cruise to the Arctic Circle?

Nordlandfahrten by Albert Fuss, 1937

The poster promotes polar cruises on the Hamburg-America Line in this magnificent poster by Albert Fuss from the 1930s.

Here in the United States, many families might prefer to spend time away from home at the happiest place on Earth: Disneyland in Los Angeles, California. Disneyland opened its doors in 1955 but there are not a lot of posters promoting travel to the amusement park. 

Disneyland via Greyhound

Greyhound promotes bus travel to the happiest place on Earth in this 1960s travel poster.

Those of us lucky enough to live in California are not complaining. We have plenty of beautiful places to visit. One of our most beautiful treasures is Yosemite National Park. No wonder almost 4 million people visit here each year.

Southern Pacific - Yosemite

Southern Pacific railway travel poster for Yosemite National Park from 1926, design by Maurice Logan

Santa Fe - Yosemite

Santa Fe railway travel poster for Yosemite National Park from the late 1940s by Don Perceval

We also have plenty of sun and beaches in California as the posters by Maurice Logan and Stan Galli can attest.

Maurice Logan's California Beaches poster for Southern Pacific, ca. 1920s

Maurice Logan’s California Beaches poster for Southern Pacific, ca. 1920s

Stan Galli's Southern California poster, ca. 1950s

Stan Galli’s Southern California poster, ca. 1955

There is also plenty of fun in the sun along the US Gulf Coast. This beach ball is certainly dressed up for the occasion with the straw hat, the towel, and the cool ’60s sunglasses. Looks like the happiest beach ball we have seen.

Greyhound travel poster from the 1960s

Greyhound travel poster from the 1960s

Of course, there is always Hawaii with its warm tropical climate, the stunning natural scenery, and the endless beaches. And let’s not forget about the real spirit of Aloha: what could possibly be cooler than riding the waves on one of the Hawaiian islands?

Charles Allen's Hawaii, 1960s

Summer dreams come true in Charles Allen’s Hawaii surfing poster from the 1960s

Hawaii via United Air Lines created by Stan Galli, 1960s

The outrigger is another way of riding the waves as depicted in Stan Galli’s airline travel poster from the 1960s

Have a wonderful summer !

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