Some 35 vintage ski and winter sports posters remembering the golden age of travel from the Twenties through the Fifties will go on sale at PosterConnection in San Francisco on October 25. The small collection features striking and stylish advertisements of ski resorts and destinations from around the globe. The ski posters are part of a larger collection of travel, advertising and propaganda posters that will be offered in PosterConnection’s bi-annual poster sale.

Below is a small selection of some of the vintage winter sports posters which are also available for viewing in a public exhibition on October 25. For more information, visit


This rare Yosemite poster shows a stylized downhill skier enjoying
the peace and tranquility of California’s Yosemite National Park with
the majestic natural vista of El Capitan’s half dome in the background.

Yosemite Winter Sports, ca. 1930/35

Yosemite Winter Sports, ca. 1930/35

Sun and fun for everyone on Austria’s ski runs

Austria, ca. 1936

Lot 292: Austria, ca. 1936

Victory seems proclaimed with the skis held high in the air
overlooking the Swiss Alps. Carigiet’s design was used both for the
1948 Winter Olympics and as a general travel poster for Switzerland.

St. Moritz Winter Olympica 1948

Lot 281: St. Moritz Winter Olympics 1948 by Alois Carigiet

The winter paradise of Mont-Revard was one of the first ski
resorts in France. Broders designed both a summer as well as a
winter poster for this beautiful vacation destination in the French Alps.

Lot 299: Les Sports d'Hiver au Mont-Revard by Roger Broders, ca. 1927

Lot 299: Les Sports d’Hiver au Mont-Revard by Roger Broders, ca. 1927

Founded in 1910, the Dartmouth Winter Carnival is the oldest
university winter festival in the United States. National Geographic
Magazine labeled it the “Mardi Gras of the North.”

Dartmouth Winter Carnival 1956 by Roger C. McAlister

Dartmouth Winter Carnival 1956 by Roger C. McAlister

Czechoslovakia can certainly brag about its beautiful mountain ranges and nice ski resorts.

This Winter to Czechoslovakia

This Winter to Czechoslovakia, ca. 1930 ~ Find us on Facebook

September 30, 2104